Дизайн и верстка полиграфии

Hello! My name is Arkadii Pankevich.

Welcome to my site-portfolio. I suppose you are reading these lines because you need a really good design and quality layout of your book (e-book) or booklet, or probably a journal. Being a highly qualified expert in this field of design, I am pleased to offer my candidacy for this type of work.

I'm a Russian layout and print designer with 20 years of experience, now living in Montenegro — a scenic tiny country in the Mediterranean. I'm a hereditary designer and artist graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Design. I’ve been working in publishing and printing houses for ten years. I make first-class booklets, catalogs, brochures, magazines, scientific journals, posters, flyers, business folders, etc. Large companies such as Johnson&Johnson and PriceWaterHouseCoopers are among my clients.

However, my main qualification and passion is design and layout of books, especially large-format and rich illustrated. I create delightful and premium books as well as  book covers and e-books in any format. 

I willl be pleased to cooperate with you!




Skype: arkpankevich

Telegram: @arkpankevich



+382 68 322 173

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